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4 Erotic Beats Backed With Lusty Visuals


Music certainly has its own way of influencing your body to do things. As a lot may say, it adds up to the flavour of the moment. With that, it is unquestionable that you witness music videos these days that depict the sensuality of the music they broadcast. Here are some of the music videos that turn out to be very lascivious with its melody, lyrics and visuals.


1. Autoerotique – “Asphyxiation”


Not many are able to actively pull off the context of sexual competition and eroticism but with this music video, it is able to show it in full throttle. With overtly revealing gym clothes, the ladies showcase their nature of competitiveness on dodge-ball with fines and seduction. The beat is dance worthy and its complimented with greatly sexual visuals.

Watch Video Here:


2. Eric Pyrdz – “Call on Me”


Guys just get the ultimate hard on once they see ladies in their yoga class. Of course women have the tendency to be shy with their bodies but when it comes to fitness, they will definitely give it their best shot. In “Call on Me,” the music video appeals to a guys fantasy in how sensual yoga classes turn out to be. Thrusting motions, grinding hips and accentuated curves, the music video brings the heat in getting fit.

 Watch Video Here

3. Benny Benassi – “Satisfaction”


Toned men clad with sweaty over alls are the undoing of every woman kind. Put this scene into reverse and it will be the opposite. Guys will have their mouths gaping once they witness the music video that mashes up the elements of manhood but exhibited with seduction. It will certainly show you a different definition of hot when you see women do manual labour in their bikinis.

  Watch Video Here.

4. 50 Cent – “Candy Shop”


In the twisted erotic definition, 50 Cent alters the meaning of a candy shop into an active pleasure house. S&M with role plays, the video reeks with oozing sexuality. As if the lyrics were not enough to bring you to such heights, the song will give you the inclination to want to get pleasured by the love doctor that bears the magic stick.

  Watch Video Here:

Actively, it is in music videos like these that give the fruitful idea to the ladies of Sydney Best Escorts. True enough, there should never be a limit for ones expression for creativity. Wink wink*


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