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Women’s Confessions: 3 REASONS Why Missionary is The BEST Position

I have a friend (woman), a sexologist who always consults my sex life. She always updates my sex drive status, the positions we’ve done with my hot girlfriend (oh god, I remember her body!), and other stuff related to SEX!   To be honest, I sometimes get annoyed. But hey! Perhaps that’s a real friend, […]

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4 Female ORGASMS That Every MAN Must KNOW!

Men in particular talk about a lot of things; politics, society, current events, ideas, etc. But do you know where most of those conversations end up? “Lust, ORGASMS, or SEX!” That said, sex is one of the most mysterious things on the planet. It’s somehow a puzzle, a maze, or a colossal labyrinth – all […]

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