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Sydney Best Escorts – If You’re Into BDSM, You Should Let Your Doctor Know, New Study Notes

While the use of whips, nipple clamps, floggers and all the other bondage or BDSM-related tools and equipment were anything but mainstream 30 or 40 years ago, today they’re as common as fitness clubs and fast-food joints! And thanks to movies like the phenomenal Fifty Shades of Grey, everyone including your grandma and grandma knows […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – Why Do Some People’s Arousal Seem To Stay On For Hours On End?

Have you known of men and women who look like they’re aroused at all times? Sure, most couples struggle to orgasm, while a few have been blessed with the ability to climax easily. When your bed partners are as luscious as the Best Escorts in Sydney, definitely, orgasm will be continuous! In real life, there […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Porn Star Tricks That You Should Never Emulate in the Bedroom

Who’s your favourite porn star? While there’s certainly nothing wrong with going gaga over your favourite porn star’s curves, and moves, the truth is that if you follow what your porn kings and queens do on the Internet, chances are you could screw yourself big time in the bedroom! Here’s a peek at some of […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – 3 Cool Ideas for Using Your Hands While Having Sex

If you’re good at using your hands at, let’s say, eating or handling certain types of machinery, well that’s good. But are you good at using your hands in – bed? If you’re not, then don’t worry for we’ve asked a few of the world’s best sex experts to provide us with a couple of […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – Sex-Enhancing Workouts for Both Men and Women

Do you know the health and wellness perks of working out in the gym, or in your own home? Well, apart from toning your muscles and keeping your heart or brain fit and healthy, sex can also help fully enhance your performance in bed! So, whether you’d like to work out in a gym, or […]

Sydney Best Escorts | 3 New, Refreshing Locations to Have Sex

Are you still looking for more daring and refreshing locations to have sex? If you’ve already tried out places like the car, office storage room or even the tent, Well, we’ve asked our friendly, outgoing sex experts again to give us a few more cool, refreshing places to go shagging, and here’s what we got […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | The 3 Rules of Office Sex

Of the many places outside the bedroom where one can have sex, perhaps the office is one of the most thrilling, and perhaps one of the most sought-after! Why? Because offices across the planet are now filled to the brim with young singles who, are experiencing a “second adolescence” of serial dating and sexual experimentation! […]

Sydney Best Escorts | What Is Good Sex According To The Zodiac Signs?

What is astrology for? Well, people study the movements and positions of heavenly bodies so that they will know how these can influence human affairs and our world as well. So, what comes instantly to your mind when you hear the word? Perhaps, zodiac signs or horoscope, right? Do you believe in astrology, too? Ask […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Understanding Erectile Dysfunction So It Can’t Damage Your Relationships

At your young age today, do you already experience difficulty maintaining an erection, that’s why the coitus is becoming lesser and lesser by the night? Well, if you’ve turned less interested in making love, no doubt you’re already going through erectile dysfunction or ED. In that case, never hesitate to talk it out with your […]

Sydney Best Escorts | 3 More Lifestyle Habits That Could Wreck Your Sex life

Who’d ever thought that your drinking or eating habits, or even your work current load, could  have a negative effect on your sex life? While one glass of wine or a beer might help you relax, a booze binge on the other hand can make you crash and burn in the bedroom! Here’s a look […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Secrets to Using Words to Make Her Feel Special

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, while for a woman, it’s making her feel special. The problem is, it can be tough to tell just what a girl wants to hear, and – let’s face it – we all make mistakes. In this case, caution the gorgeous courtesans at […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Sex Positions That Promote Super-Deep Emotional Connections

While there are sex positions that allow for deeper penetration, or for more brazen displays of eroticism, there’s no question that there are sex positions too that help facilitate higher levels of emotional intimacy. In fact, such positions allow couples to go beyond their sensory experience, as it enhances the intimacy of their encounters, and […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – Sex Break: 5 Signs Your Body Needs It

People need a break time to recharge the tired mind and body, calm the weary soul or perhaps, just relax. There’s also such thing in sex. But honestly, can you afford a sex break if your partners are as steamy as the Best Escorts in Sydney? Break also applies to casual relationships. To prepare yourself […]

Sydney Best Escorts | The 3 Top Erogenous Zones for Women

Okay guys, this one’s definitely for you, so you better listen up. Today we are teaching (Or writing) about touching, in the hopes that you will be able to drive the ladies wild! Why? Because the more time, effort and expertise you put into foreplay, the more likely the ladies are going to climax during […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | 4 of the Easiest Ways to Boost Your Libido

Believe it or not but even with the prevalence of porn on the Internet, and with the seemingly relaxed sexual or erotic environment, a lot of people today still experience issues with flipping their erotic switch on. Well, to help alleviate these issues, we ask the sex and health experts out there to give us […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Smartphone Apps To Help Re-live That Heat To Your Colourless Bedroom Life

Has your sex urges little by little gone to the dogs? It could be due to the fact that you’ve become insufficient in manoeuvres on how to make circumstances scorching under the covers, or else you made your companion sleep from boredom! The good news, there are smartphone apps to help re-live that heat to […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Cellphone Programs To Restore That Spark To Your Poor Sexual Performance

Has your sex life slowly been flushed down the drain? It may be because you’ve run out of acts on how to make affairs sizzle inside the bedroom, or else you let your partner fall asleep from impatience! The good news, you can find smart device programs to help restore that spark to your otherwise […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | 3 More Hot & Sleazy Podcasts to Tune in To This 2017

If the usual radio talk shows are starting to bore you to sleep, perhaps you check out the different podcasts online! The good thing is that the Worldwide Web offers a treasure trove of podcasts which discuss anything from shopping to politics, romance, academics, careers and even sex! The sex podcasts are a truly interesting […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Hot Facts About Virtual Reality Porn You Need To Know

Pornography has at last come in the ‘future’ with the launch of Virtual Reality (VR)! For an absolutely erotic watching enjoyment, you must have a mobile device running on Android, including a $20 or more headset. The following are hot, artery-snapping facts about virtual reality porn. VR Porn Is Vastly Different From Your Usual Erotica […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Vivid, Artery-Smashing Facts You Got To Know About VR Porn

Pornography has finally stormed into the Space Age with the launch of VR or Virtual Reality! For a rather excellent viewing satisfaction, you should use a mobile device working on iOS, apart from a $20 or more headsets. Below are vivid, artery-smashing facts on VR porn. VR Porn Is Not the Same As The Normal […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Porn Star Memoirs That You Should Not Forget to Read

Do you like watching porn? If you do, then name at least five of your top porn stars! While the porn of yesteryears had a truly sleazy environment, with smut being sold in dank neighbourhood porn shops, the porn industry of the 21st century has become truly accessible, thanks to the Internet and the YouTube […]

Sydney Best Escorts | The Ultimate Bucket List for Hot Couples

Do you and your partner still have some things you’d like to do together but for whatever reason, have not been materialised yet? That’s why there’s a need to organise your bucket list – a list of things lovers must do together, whatever stage they are in their relationship, but most especially during the ‘getting-to-know-you’ […]

Creative Ideas on How to do the “Wheelbarrow” if you’re Not a Yoga Enthusiast

Of the different sex positions invented, perhaps one of the most intriguing, and challenging, is one called the ‘Wheelbarrow”! According to sex experts, to perform the classic Wheelbarrow, the man stands up while the woman is on her hands and knees. The man then lifts her back-half by the ankles, pulling her legs to the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Withdraw During Intercourse

Craving for a hookup but not interested to use condom? Well, how about if you impregnate your poor partner? Maybe the pulling-out method could work. However, according to experts, aside from it being risky, withdrawal can’t give you any form of protection. Only a condom can protect you against an unplanned pregnancy as well as […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Everything About Double Penetration

If you’ve spotted a scene in some porn flick where two guys bang a girl (Like the other’s sliding in-and-out her vagina, while the other dude’s entering her butt), then you’ve already seen a technique called DP, or Double Penetration! But if you haven’t done this yet, here’s the beginner’s guide to everything (or nearly […]

Odd Sexual Fetishes That Are Slowly Being Accepted in Popular Culture

While the world of sexual fetishes may be fun and interesting to read, the truth is that the world can be a very tough place for people who have fetishes. While the average sex fan gets to see all the amount of vanilla-style sex that their heart desires, the guys and girls with fetishes often […]

Sydney Best Escorts – 5 Sexting Strategies To Help You Get Laid Quickly

Why bother getting a pen and paper, and writing your romantic or erotic thoughts down, when you can text him or her in a jiffy? According to the folks from Tripp Advice, the popular male-dating website, “sexting is the modern love letter”, and when done right you can easily build up her anticipation of seeing […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | What Your Dick Says About Your Sex Life and Overall Health

Have you ever noticed your “dick” looking and feeling weak lately? Well, according to health experts, a limp penis isn’t just sad news for your sex life, but it can also lead to your demise! According to a study by researchers at the University of Mississippi, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have a 70% increased […]

Sydney Best Escorts | An Edgy, Exciting Look at the “Edge of Your Seat” Sex Position

Looking for extra fun and kinky sex positions to try out in bed tonight? Well, why don’t you try something called the “Edge of Your Seat” sex position, which is actually a great blowjob technique (and it totally works for cunnilingus too!). Here’s a brief yet edgy, and exciting look at how the sex position […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Helpful Hints on How to Incorporate Sex Toys

If there’s one thing different about the sex and sleaze environment these days, it’s the fact that sex toys have now become so ubiquitous, and they’ve become an accepted part of erotic life in general too. However, many guys and girls still have some reservations about using sex toys, because some guys may fear that […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – In The Minds Of Sex Addicts, Porn Affects The Brain In The Same Way As Drugs

Have you ever wondered how your brain worked, or how it functioned, whenever you watched porn? Well, according to studies made by researchers at the University of Cambridge in England,  in people who have sex addiction, porn affects the brain in ways that are similar to that seen in drug addicts when they consume drugs. […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Anxiety, and its Ill Effects on Your Sex Life

Have you ever felt the pressure of work go through your head lately? Perhaps you should take time to relax, and reduce the levels of stress, because according to a recent study published in The Journal of Sex Research, long-term anxiety might lead to more dreadful stuff, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation!  […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Secrets to Multiple Orgasms for Her

Did you know women take longer to reach their climax, but also are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms? It’s likely that you’ll get off just from hearing her reach the Big O herself. If you want to give your lovely partner that much pleasure, here are some tips from the ladies with Sydney Best Escorts. […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – Practical Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

It’s no surprise that people regularly search online for sex tips, since there’s no one who doesn’t want to get better in bed. The Best Escorts in Sydney didn’t get to where they are, after all, by being contented with their performance, whether in simply keeping blokes company or in more private matters. Of course, […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Remember These Tips and Avoid Crossing Lines in the Bedroom

No one wants to experiment with too much, too soon when they’re with someone new; after all, scaring your partner off in some way is an unwanted effect. But if you have your own preferences in the bedroom, is it possible to keep both the girl and the kink? Several women, including some of the […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | 4 Biggest Signs she’s looking for A Kiss

It’s happened to you once or twice before. You lean in to lock your lips with hers, and meet only air or her cheek. There’s a difference between being with one of the Best Escorts in Sydney, having a girlfriend experience, and being on a date with that girl you hooked up with at the […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Mutual Pleasure Tips – Secrets to a Sizzling 69

Whenever you’re with a stunningly gorgeous woman, you may find yourself at a loss for words, or unsure what to do. Some blokes, instead of being struck dumb, they stumble over their words. To put it another way, lovely babes like the Sydney Best Escorts you see online have a tendency to distract. Fortunately, this […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Top 3 Ways to Pleasure a Girl the Right Way

It’s important that men know how to pleasure their partners the right way. This is most importantly if they want to have more sex with her in the near future, as warned by Sydney Best Escorts. Remember that women want to enjoy sex as much as guys do, thus it’s only right that you reciprocate […]

Sydney Best Escorts – 3 Effective Ways to Wear Sexual Confidence

Don’t you know that having the right amount of sexual confidence is enough to make a girl want you? Yes, according to Sydney Best Escorts, it’s a secret tool that can help men to persuade a woman into having sex with him. But of course, having such isn’t easy. Nevertheless, it’s learnable. To get you […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – 4 Sex Positions to Up the Ante In Bed

Do you want to make sex more interesting than it was before? According to Best Escorts in Sydney, one way to achieve such is by introducing never-before-done sex positions. This idea is basically for the purpose of veering away from the monotonous experience, something that can affect a woman’s pleasure. So if you want to […]

Sydney Best Escorts | The Top 3 Libido-Killing OTC Meds Of Today

If we feel like having a cold, or we already have a headache, the first thing we most often do is head on to the local pharmacy to buy the usual over-the-counter (OTC) medications. And when you go to bed that night, and try having sex with your girlfriend or hookup partner, you suddenly feel […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | The Outdoor Lover’s Guide To Hot and Steamy Tent Sex

Who doesn’t like the great outdoors? With the sun, the cool wind, fresh air and rustling of the trees and the grass, it’s truly great to enjoy being in Mother Nature’s bosom. And of course if you’re hiking or camping with your girlfriend, or that hot chick you just met an hour or two ago, […]

Sydney Best Escorts – 5 Tricks To Convince Her to Have Sex with You

Asking her for sex is not as easy as counting one to three. It presents a lot of stuff that you need to work on, as what Sydney Best Escorts warn. You see, women have lots of preferences when it comes to such situation. And between those lines, if you ask her improperly, it can […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – 3 Things to Remember When Having Sex at the Car

Sex can always be a fun thing to do, most especially if you introduce some exciting stuff. According to Best Escorts in Sydney, one of the best ways to make sex more interesting is by enjoying it in odd places. Where? Well, you can always try it in the car. Yes, it’s a little bit […]

Sydney Best Escorts | 3 Awesome Rough Sex Ideas to Keep Her Peaking Throughout the Night

When it comes to sex, you need to be very creative. That way, the entire experience in bed will be great for her, according to Sydney Best Escorts. And don’t you know that one way to do is by giving her a rough sex? Yes, that’s right – rough sex can do wonders in bed. […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | 4 Valuable Tips on How to Stop Pre Ejaculation

Sex is really an enjoyable thing to do. It’s something that people would actually want to do on a regular basis. But of course, according to Best Escorts in Sydney, it’s a different story to tell if men don’t know how to prolong the experience. That’s because they don’t know to stop premature ejaculation. They’re […]

Sydney Best Escorts | 4 Things Women Are Dying to Experience in Bed

In bed, there are things that women are dying to experience. In fact, they’ve always wanted you to do something to them, only that they’re afraid to ask, according to Sydney Best Escorts. But then again, you have to remember that they barely going to ask you; hence you have to do it all yourself. […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | 3 Fabulous Ways to Make Your Woman Squirt in a Matter of Seconds

Believe it or not – you can actually make a girl squirt in no time. While it is true, according to Best Escorts in Sydney, that not all women are able to squirt, it doesn’t mean you can’t make them do. Of course, it will need dedication and commitment from your side, but the results […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – Helpful Hints On How To Craft DIY Bondage Sex Chairs, Furniture & Accessories

Are you planning to introduce some form of BDSM, or bondage and sadomasochism, into your regular sexual activities? If you plan to do so, then good. But what if you’re on a tight budget, and don’t have that much cash to buy whips, floggers, sex chairs and other high-end bondage stuff? Then, why not build […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Shibari: The Exotic, Oriental Thrills Of Japanese Rope Bondage

Have you seen a woman being tied to a post, or hanging from the ceiling, with ropes tied around her waist and hips? Well, you don’t see these on magic shows only, but in bondage activities too, like Rope Bondage! This erotic BDSM practice has actually been a staple of Japanese erotica, and is called […]

Sydney Best Escorts – 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Many people associate a healthful lifestyle with habits that are not always the most fun, say, grueling workouts, skipping desserts, and opting for meal replacement products, among others. However, according to Sydney Best Escorts, this is a huge misconception, as many of the healthiest habits are also among the most rewarding. Take sex, for example. […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | 3 Proven Ways on Eating Her Pussy Like a Pro!

There is no doubt that there are only few good men who like to eat pussy, and sure enough, most women can tell. Furthermore, while there are guys who do it, only few of them try to do it well. According to Best Escorts in Sydney, when a woman finds a man who gives good […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Boost Your Sex Drive – Use These Mobile Apps

Men usually have a high sex drive, meaning they can go from flaccid to hard with some visual stimulation and some touching. Or maybe it isn’t that obvious, but they can still go from calm and collected to dog in heat in the time it takes to write their address. For blokes at the opposite […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – New Study Notes That Vitamin D Can Bring Back The Spark To Your Sex Life

Is your “boner” soft and limp, especially during the times that it shouldn’t be? Perhaps you literally lack enough sunshine? Well, new research from sunny Italy suggests that low levels of vitamin D can increase a guy’s chances of getting erectile dysfunction. Let’s find out what the Italian researchers discovered about the sunshine vitamin’s effects […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Boost Your Sex Drive the Natural Way

For men, sex drive is something to be proud of – to the point that if it drops, it becomes a cause for concern. Unfortunately, there’s only so much a partner, even one of the gorgeous babes at Sydney Best Escorts can do to keep a bloke’s sex drive up during a heated session. While […]

Sydney Best Escorts – The Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes Of 2015

2015 was definitely a very good year, especially for those who are looking for extra steamy movie sex scenes! While some sex scenes were quite shocking, there were a lot of great scenes to choose from. And with better lighting and wardrobe (and better acting), watching your favourite celebrities baring it all, was definitely worth […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – Spice Up Your Foreplays Using These 3 Valuable Tips

Foreplay is always an integral component in a couple’s sexual adventures. Without it (or not doing it properly), sex will never be an amazing experience. According to Best Escorts in Sydney, foreplay is a must and that men should know how to introduce it in the bed. Remember that women are only recipient of it, […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Kinky Sex: Can It Lead To Sex Addiction?

Do you love having sex outdoors? Or do you crave for some spanking or flogging? If you do so, how often do you engage in it, and is it making you crave for something more extreme? There’s been a lot of talk lately on whether unconventional erotic behaviours or preferences like public sex with multiple […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – Ways to Get Her Hot and Wanting | Best Escorts in Sydney

When it comes to sexy playtime, girls can end up feeling left high and dry. There’s no denying that the ladies with Best Escorts in Sydney want to show you a good time. But some of them hint that it would be nicer to get a little satisfaction themselves too, in return. And they’re not […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Great Advantages to Hiring These Vixens

There are a lot of men turning to escort services, for any number of reasons – and maybe you’re one of them, or you’re contemplating it. Maybe you want to experience having a different partner now and then. Or you’re too busy to have a committed relationship. Whatever your reasons, your best choice is sure […]

Sydney Best Escorts – The Top 4 Countries Where It’s So Easy To Get Laid, For Free

We all know that every country has its own unique cultural or social traditions. This means that if the social mores and lifestyles are relaxed or liberal in some countries, in some areas it’s almost next to impossible to freely blend with the locals, or even flirt with them! If you’re looking for places in […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Great Advantages to Hiring These Vixens

There are a lot of men turning to escort services, for any number of reasons – and maybe you’re one of them, or you’re contemplating it. Maybe you want to experience having a different partner now and then. Or you’re too busy to have a committed relationship. Whatever your reasons, your best choice is sure […]

Sydney Best Escorts | 4 Simple, Yet Truly Potent Ways For Pleasuring a Woman’s Breasts

Ask a hundred men what they first notice about a woman, after her smile and her eyes, and 99% would perhaps say the same thing – her breasts. But while men spend a lot of time ogling at women’s breasts, what’s sad is that they often quickly head down south, before pleasuring the two front […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Morning Wood – 4 Weird Yet Funny Reasons Why Men Get It

Have you ever woken up in the early morning, finding your manhood hard as rock? Well, be happy, because all normal guys without erectile dysfunction experience “morning wood”, or “morning glory”, and these often occur 3 to 5 times during sleep. Scientists and health experts refer to it as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), which are […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | 4 Unique Ways For Sizzling Up Long-Distance Relationships Or Affairs

There are a lot of ways for souring, or killing, relationships, and distance can be one of them (that’s if you allow it to). But even if you’re far and away, there are actually a lot of ways for maintaining the spark, and keeping your sex life active and interesting. Here are a couple of […]

Sydney Best Escorts | 4 Simple, Yet Truly Potent Ways For Pleasuring a Woman’s Breasts

Ask a hundred men what they first notice about a woman, after her smile and her eyes, and 99% would perhaps say the same thing – her breasts. But while men spend a lot of time ogling at women’s breasts, what’s sad is that they often quickly head down south, before pleasuring the two front […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Top 4 Tips for One-Night Stand

The allure of one-night stand is definitely something greater than that of other sexual adventures. It requires a good amount of persistence and chase, along with the opportunity to open a forum of satisfaction. Sydney Best Escorts explain that one-night stands are sort of sexual firecracker – short and explosive. Above all, it leaves a […]

Best Escorts in Sydney Stories: The Instagram Dude

It started with a heart. You know that little heart button on Instagram that meant someone liked your photo? It’s the first contact I had with him. I didn’t know if he knew about me. Or, that he was just one of those random dudes that creep on Instagram looking for sexy pics of women. […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | The Drummer

“You look familiar.” That was my first mistake. I should have known better. For an escort, sometimes I get really caught up in the moment and say something stupid. Rule number 1 in escorting: do not let your clients know that you know them, or that they “look familiar”. The moment that phrase came out […]

Best Escorts in Sydney | Fulfilment of Erotic Desires

Giving in to desire doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially when it feels oh so good. The gorgeous vixens at Best Escorts in Sydney know this. As a result, they’re well versed in helping their clients let go and give themselves over to the moment, whether in the bedroom or outside it. She closed […]

Sydney Best Escorts Stories: The Ex

In three years of being an escort, I never thought this would happen. He lay there, comfortable and sure, and I was teetering on the sides. I was shivering inside, my emotions billowing like an unattended ribbon knotted on a tree in a storm. He didn’t recognise me, and I didn’t know what to feel […]

Sydney Best Escorts Stories: Only Sex

“I can’t be something important to him.” I muttered to myself. “I’m not.” It was a mantra. Something that I tell myself in order not to create a wide-eyed, fantastical fairy tale plot involving my clients. I have always been a dreamer. I liked to think my brain is a frustrated storyteller. It’s always actively […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Meet The Guys Who Are In Love with Their “Love” Dolls

If you’ve heard of stories of women who literally gave up on their husbands or boyfriends in bed, and are now enjoying the company of vibrators and dildos, perhaps you haven’t heard of men who’ve practically given up on hooking up with real girls, and have become so in love with sex dolls. Here’s a […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Threesomes – Real People Share Their Real-Life Experiences

Like most sexual fantasies and casual sex activities, “threesomes” are quite a sought-after thing. The technique could either refer to a three-way romantic liaison, or a direct sexual activity between three people. These activities are also a staple in porn films, and they’re casually mentioned in mainstream movies and sitcoms, too. But have you heard […]

Sydney Best Escorts | 4 Offbeat But Dramatic Places To Have Great Sex

Have you ever thought of going out of the bedroom, just for once and have sex in places that are literally off-limits to human beings? If you’re in the mood for a little experimentation of sorts, and you’d like to do things out-of-the-box, here’s a look at a couple of weird and low-key, yet exciting […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Painful & Funny Facts About Sex-Related Injuries

Like any form of physical activity, sexual intercourse is also a highly-physical endeavour, which comes with its own set of injury risks. Although injuries can be prevented through advanced preparation and constant communication between couples, getting hurt while in the heat of passion is still a huge possibility. Here are a couple of painful and […]

Sydney Best Escorts | Hair-Raising Facts & Details About Foreplay

What is foreplay, and how important is it for couples? Well, if you don’t know the answers to these, then you were probably born in the Middle Ages. Foreplay is defined as “any act that creates and enhances sexual desire, and includes kissing, touching, embracing, teasing, talking etc.” The term’s definition though can be quite […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Orgasmic Delights in Various Forms

It’s hard to find the perfect woman to provide both companionship and mind-blowing sex, but the lovely vixens featured in the pages of Sydney Best Escorts definitely fit the bill. Well-trained in all things erotic and up for experimenting, these femmes make every moment worth it. “Oh god-!” I could hardly hear the music any […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Gratification Regardless of Shape and Size

Does dick size really matter during intercourse? Some will answer yes and some would reply no. The decision is? It depends, since there are a number of techniques for sex to be fully gratifying without needing to take into consideration the size of the penis and there are also numerous means a girl could take […]

Sydney Best Escorts Stories: The Guy Who Bit Me

He said he liked to use his teeth and mouth. I wasn’t intimidated. To me, all guys like to use their mouth, some a little teeth in between. I can take him. I was one of Sydney best escorts because I can make feel guys safe, whoever they are – with all their kinks and […]

Sydney Best Escorts – 4 Reasons Bigger Isn’t Always Better

In the same manner that women have the tendency to get troubled about the dimensions of their breasts, males also experience some anxiety issues with the size of their cock. It can become very daunting when babes assess you by your key biological property. Yet you know what, for the sensual vixens of Sydney Escorts; […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Orgasms Like No Other

Engulfing climaxes are those kinds of orgasms that move you to the top point of ultimate contentment. It is absolutely consuming as it is how the desires of your body are being satisfied to its best potential. The featured vixens at Private Girls Sydney are more than ready to do precisely that… All you should […]

Sydney Best Escorts – A Satisfying Night Just For You

Nothing is better than the noise of a Champagne bottle popping, or so I believed! I gladly pour it into two crystal glasses and then gone through the space in direction of the man who has ordered my presence. He appeared to be submissive on the exterior but underneath his accommodating visage is dominance waiting […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits & Activities That Are Wrecking Your Libido

If you think that the desire to have sex is something weird or unnatural, think again. A person’s sexual desire is actually a mirror or a reflection of whether or not they’re attracted to someone. A person’s sexual desire or drive, which is referred to as the “libido”, is quite a complex mix of emotions […]

Sydney Best Escorts – The Right Way To Pleasure Her Buns

A lady’s physique is comprised of many erogenous areas. You would know them because everytime you caress these endearing spots, it is able to send out responses onto her whole body, making her hornier. As widespread facts state, it takes a while for a woman to get significantly horny unlike men that get switched on […]

Sydney Asian Escorts: The Perfect Travel Companions

Whether you’re travelling to or outside of Sydney for business or for pleasure, it doesn’t have to be a lonely time. One of the sexy Sydney Asian Escorts can provide the companionship you crave, and be your guide to the best places to be once the sun sets. If you’re in town for only a […]

The Different types of Orgasms

All passionate women wants variety in their sex life. To experience different kinds of orgasms certainly spices up a woman’s monotonous and lacklustre love life. Sydney Escorts know fully well that sex toys, vibrators included, help them enjoy more sexual climaxes. These give them more opportunities for orgasm. Using a variety of them definitely makes […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Pleasuring Beyond Regular Expectations

Ever had that very powerful pull of exploration positively coursing through your existence? If you answered yeah, then the metro of Sydney is the ideal location for you to come visit. It is identified for the striking, urban beauty of its location but more than its buildings are the magnificent babes that will make your […]

Sydney Best Escorts – The Promise of Extreme Pleasures

Ever had that very solid pull of exploration positively coursing through your existence? If you resolved yeah, then the city of Sydney is the right place for you to come visit. It is recognised for the stunning, urban beauty of its location but further than its buildings are the magnificent babes that will build your […]

Ways to Deliciously Tease Your Erotic Sydney Best Escorts Vixen

The art of love making comes with different aspects which you can improve on so that you are able to indulge in a more erotic session. One of the many things that you can utilize is the act of purposefully handing it halfheartedly. In the more common layman’s term, teasing. The sultry foxes of Sydney […]

Sydney Best Escorts – Satiating Your Sexual Hunger the Excellent Way

What renders the ideal female? Is it her body? Perhaps it’s her erotic abilities? Or the method she delivers the most striking head? It’s pretty perplexing to determine the principal attributes that will make her an efficient seductress. It may be difficult to demonstrate on paper, but when you’re engaged in an erotic act, you […]

Best Escorts in Sydney – High Class Girls from Independent Directories

Inflaming every man’s sexual urges is what escorts Sydney deliver to be of service to every lone man. The frolic urbane is not only considered as vibrant and picturesque but is recognized for its pretty maidens that serves as pleasure givers for every single single man. Go forth for a unique and once in a […]

The Perky Measures of Kissing

One just can’t simply bypass the fact that petting is beneficial. The moulding of your lips with another and pairing it with some licking action, too. It is a breathtaking experience that once it becomes too sensational, there’s just one definite way where it will be heading – sex! This is why petting is so […]

How to Effectively Greet Your Special Vixen from Sydney Best Escorts

Congratulations! You’ve finally sealed the deal in spending a glorious night with a highly recognised courtesan from Sydney Best Escorts. Now, all you have to do is overcome the usual awkward introduction phase by turning it into something natural and comfortable. A lot of people (especially the first timers) tend to get overly nervous when […]

Sydney Best Escorts – 3 Breathing Techniques for a Galvanizing Orgasm

They say the simplest things in life are the most complicated. Such notion is both striking and true. In the act of engaging in lustful action, sex is a combination of ease and difficulty. It’s easy because you know how it is done, but it’s difficult because you want to make the experience longer and […]

Sydney Best Escorts – 3 Electrifying Positions for a Favourable Erotic Outcome

Ordinary sex can get really boring. With that, traditional positions have gotten the bad reputation these days – all because they have the tendency to feel mediocre. However, you would be surprised to realize that the classic sex positions are the best kind of positions when you change a few elements. Such positions can actually […]

Sydney Best Escorts – The Olympiads of Sexual Encounters

           A lot of arguments have been raised. Why can’t sex be considered as a sport? It’s such an act that requires stamina, endurance and skill. These are basically the same elements that you require to be able to be an Olympiad. Perhaps the world just revolves differently that way. Nonetheless, […]

Adult Directories – Helping you Find Seductive Sydney Asian Escorts

Igniting almost every man’s sexual appetite is precisely what Asian escorts Sydney do to be of service to every lonesome man. The frolic urbane is not only believed as dazzling and picturesque yet somehow is recognized because of its pretty maidens that serves as pleasure givers for every single lone man. Ride in with an […]

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